Thursday, January 05, 2006

Andy Fox in New Orleans

As I mentioned sometime previously, my friend Andy Fox, author of Fat White Vampire Blues and Bride of the Fat White Vampire, is still living in New Orleans with his family, doing his part in helping it get back on its feet. He doesn't have his own blog to chronicle the city's struggle, unfortunately, but he does have a thread or two dedicated to the topic over at the Night Shade Discussion Boards. It's one of the best places to go on the web for a more personal approach to New Orleans than what you'll find in the papers.

I read Andy's books when I was living in New Orleans, and enjoyed them at the time; but recently I've gone back and reread long passages from them, and they resonate with me a lot more. He captures the place and its people so well that I can practically smell the place. Believe it or not, that's actually a good thing.

Here's another New Orleans-related site, dedicated to doing some good: Rebuild 504. It's a small effort, judging from the money they've raised so far, but a lot of small steps will take you a long way.


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