Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Ellen Datlow/SciFiction Project

Anyone who has travelled to this godforsaken little cranny of the cyber-abyss is probably already familiar with the impending demise of SciFiction, where Ellen Datlow -- easily one of the best editors the genre has ever had -- has published hundreds of wonderful stories by newer writers (that's right, Spanky, I allude to myself, but also to people like Glen Hirshberg, Kelly Link, M. Rickert, and Dale Bailey) as well as established authors (Lucius Shepard, James P. Blaylock, Rick Bowes, and Michael Bishop). She has also kept the younger generation of fans current by reprinting classic stories by the likes of Harlan Ellison, Alfred Bester, Manly Wade Wellman, and others. In short, SciFiction was arguably the premier showcase of the best short fiction the genre has to offer.To eulogize its passing and to recognize the value of its contributions, a website called The Ellen Datlow/SciFiction Project been created. Each story in the archives has been linked, and will be accompanied with an appreciation of that story written by a fan and/or another writer. It's a classy send-off a for a top-notch venue.

I've signed on to write an appreciation of Glen Hirshberg's story "Struwwelpeter." My own story is getting some attention from Lucius Shepard, which to me is like Ted Williams telling me I've got a nice swing.

Go to the site and check it out. And visit SciFiction before it's too late.


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Lucius F*ING Shepard!!!!


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